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Crossroads - International Justice in Guatemala

Between 1960 and 1996, an armed conflict opposed the Guatemalan army and guerillas. Thousands of men, women and children were victims of serious human rights violations such as murders, lootings, deportations and rapes.
Today, these victims are still waiting for justice.

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Thousands of women, men and children around the world are victim of human rights violations committed in conflict or widespread violence, violations as horrendous as murder, looting, deportation, and rape.

Often well beyond the reach of judicial institutions, these victims are deprived of their right to access justice. International criminal justice makes it possible to rectify these criminal wrongs and build sustainable peace.

crossroads_90x90This website is a meeting place for victims to enable themselves to be heard, sharing with others, such as lawyers and members of the judiciary, It aims at providing a better understanding of the situation in countries often overlooked by international media, such as Burundi and Nepal, or those countries still experiencing violence (DR Congo, Colombia.

At ASF, we believe that trying crimes of the past can help build a better future. This starts with listening to the people whose human rights have been violated. Crossroads is the project implemented by ASF and its partners to promote international justice in six post-conflict countries.

Our Message

Crossroads, Together for International justice

International criminal justice deals with serious human rights violations committed in contexts of conflict or widespread violence: murder, looting, deportation, rape, just to name a few.

These war crimes, crimes against humanity or crimes of genocide affect above all the individual victim of these abuses, but also their community, the perpetrator, lawyers, prosecutors, judges and others. International criminal justice is therefore first and foremost a collective issue because it involves all of these people, regardless of their status: victims, perpetrators, members of the judiciary, civil society and others.

Crossroads is a project initiated by Avocats Sans Frontières and its partners in six countries over three continents – Africa, Latin America and Asia – which are all committed to building international justice at their own level: Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Colombia, Guatemala and Nepal. The aim is to support access to justice for the most vulnerable, both victims and perpetrators of international crimes, before national courts and tribunals, whilst respecting the rule of law, including the right to a fair trial and the right to defence.

In order to better understand international justice on a day-to-day basis, Crossroads is also about sharing the experience of those who are part of this reality. International criminal justice is not only the place where the lives of these men and women meet; it is also where they can build lasting peace, together, by dealing with the crimes of the past.


Every victim of injustice should know that she or he has inviolable rights, including the right to seek justice.


Every victim of injustice should be able to lodge a complaint with the appropriate authorities in his or her country, without fear of reprisals.


The police and the authorities should make the necessary enquiries to verify the offence committed and, where appropriate, start criminal proceedings against the alleged perpetrators.

The Trial

The courts must deal with the case by respecting fair judicial process, the rights of the defence, and protection of witnesses.

The Judgement

The court should give its judgment with complete independence and within a reasonable timeframe.


The decision taken by the courts should allow the suffering of the victim and her or his rights to be recognised.

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